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February 23 – We Wept: Exiled to Babylon

March 2 – We Remember: Living in Exile

March 9 – Going Home: Return to Jerusalem

March 16 – Out of Trauma: Babylon Throughout the Bible

March 23 – A New Hope: Messianic Prophecies

Reference Material

Background Videos
2/23/2021 – The Babylonian Exile and the Edict of King Cyrus
City of David Institute for Jerusalem Studies.  6 minutes

2/23/2021- Overview: Jeremiah
Bible Project. 7 minutes
*The Bible Project offers many short animated videos on Bible books and topics.

3/2/2021 – The Way of the Exile
Bible Project. 5 Minutes

3/23  The Story of the Bible
Bible Project  6 minutes; first 3 minutes used for class
Presents the whole Bible as a single, continuing story.

The Babylonian Conquest
The Jerusalem Watch.  9+ minutes
*A more detailed account of the siege of Jerusalem that led to the conquest and exile.

History of Ancient Israel and Judah Explained in 5 minutes
Epimetheus.  5 minutes
*A more comprehensive history before and after the exile.

The Babylonian Exile
This brief paper from the Jewish Virtual Library offers an overview of the Babylonian Exile and explains some of the Jewish literature that came out of that period.

Jewish Prayers: Jewish Liturgy
Another brief paper from the Jewish Virtual Library includes interesting remarks about the growth of prayer during the Babylonian Exile.

“By the Waters of Babylon” Music
There are numerous versions of the music. Excerpts from 2 of them appear in the first session. Both preserve the gravity of the experience with words from Psalm 137. Full versions can be accessed here.

2/23/2021 –
Lyrics by Don McLean, 1971

2/23/2021 –
Orthodox Christian chant, Great Compline, March 2014

3/2/2021 –
Andrew Helbig