So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. ~Romans 12:5

2018-19 Stewardship Campaign:

Generations of Partnership

Our ministry at Saint Michael could not exist without the support, service, and love of our members of all ages. An effective ministry needs a call to action and the ability to partner with those near and far to build God’s kingdom. The term “partnership” emphasizes the ownership we have in this ministry: WE are the church!

Please visit our ministry fair table the last two weekends of September to learn more as we prepare to introduce “Generations of Partnership” as our 2019 annual campaign. We will kickoff the theme starting the weekend of September 29-30 with the good news of partnering told over 4 weeks, culminating with our Celebration weekend October 20-21.

Tanzania Dry Houses

The ELCA partners with Houses for Health to build homes for those with serious health problems that are at risk for further demise due to their poor living conditions. For many, having better living conditions means better health.

Saint Michael has funded 13 dry houses in Tanzania to date. The average cost varies anywhere from $3,500-$4,000. The homes are modest two-room homes that provide a better quality of living and protection from the elements. We are asking members of Saint Michael to contribute to funding another dry house during the campaign. Members can choose to put donations in the church box in the link outside the sanctuary or give online.