Hello Siblings in Christ,

Welcome to the private youth ministry page. Here you will find blog posts pertinent to current events, pictures of youth activities, a calendar for all things youth, and a contact form if you need to get a hold of me but can’t remember my email. Let’s take a quick look around!

Above is a button labeled ‘youth pictures.’ This button links you to a google photos album site where I will house all photos of different youth activities. The albums will be named accordingly and you will have access to them. I encourage you to download these pictures as well as upload your own into the respective albums.

Right now, you are reading the blog! My hope is this year I will be writing blog posts about every other week. These blog posts will center around current events happening in Omaha, the United States, and the world. They will range from advice on how to talk to youth about violence, to ways your child can be involved in advocacy and everything in between. I hope you will be able to use these posts as a resource to have tough conversations with your child about the intersection of their faith and the world.

Below this blog spot is the youth calendar. The calendar will be used in two ways:
1. Informational: See when upcoming classes, youth group dates, service opportunities, and retreats will be scheduled.
2. Interactive: Please, add any extracurricular events your child is a part of this calendar. I want to support your child outside of the church               walls by attending their activities. Please use this format when submitting an event YouthName: Event. To submit an event simply double click         on the date in the calendar and fill out the information. Remember to include the location of the event as I am unfamiliar with Omaha and               the schools in the area.

I hope this helps you become a little more familiar with this page. If you would like to see something changed please let me know, I’d like this page to be a helpful resource for all families of Saint Michael.

Coco Lyons
Youth and Young Adult Ministry Intern

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