Lent + Easter 2023

Join Saint Michael Lutheran Church for a season of focus on “Flawed Yet Faithful”.

How we’re giving during Lent

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Food Pantry donations

During the season of Lent, we are collecting items and funds in support of the food pantry at San Andres Iglesia Luterana. This is one of the Synod’s Mission Field Nebraska sites, located just a block or so from Omaha South High School. More information about what to donate will be coming soon!

Shrove Tuesday


Pancakes: 5:30p


Service: 6:45p

February 21

  • Pancakes: 5:30-6:30p
  • Burning of the Ashes + Burying the Alleluias: 6:45p

Ash Wednesday


Ashes: 7-11a


Brief Service: 12-12:30p


Service: 7p

February 22

  • Ashes on the Go: 7-11a
    • Throughout the morning, you can drive through the upper parking lot near the main doors to receive ashes from your vehicle.
  • Brief Service of the Word with Ashes: 12-12:30p
  • Traditional Ash Worship Service: 7p

Holden Evening Prayer


Soup Supper: 5:30-6:45p


Confirmation: 6-6:45p


Bell Choir + Children’s choir rehearsal: 6:10-6:50p


Holden Evening Prayer: 7-7:30p


Adult Choir Rehearsal: 7:45-9p

Wednesdays March 1-29

  • Season of Focus: Flawed Yet Faithful. Each Wednesday, characters from the Hebrew Bible teach us something about our journey of faith today.
  • Weekly Soup Suppers

March 1: Holden Evening Prayer

Text: Genesis 27:41-45, 33:12

Theme: Separations are not permanent: Reflection on Jacob and Esau.

March 8: Holden Evening Prayer

Text: Genesis 39:19-23

Theme: God works in strange places: Reflection on Joseph.

March 15: Holden Evening Prayer

Text: Ruth 1:6-18

Theme: Faithfulness creates new possibilities: Reflection on Ruth.

March 22: Holden Evening Prayer

Text: Selections from 2 Samuel 11-12

Theme: Failure isn’t fatal: Reflection on David.

March 29: Holden Evening Prayer

Text: Esther 4:10-16

Theme: The Spirit of courage leads the way: Reflection on Esther.

Palm Sunday


Saturday Service: 5:30p


Sunday Services: 8:15a + 10:45a

April 2

  • Palm Procession

Maundy Thursday


Service: 7p

April 6

  • Service with First Communion

Stations of the Cross


Self-Guided: 8:30a-3p


Guided Experience: 3p

April 7

  • Stations of the Cross
    • Guided Experience: 3p

Good Friday


Service: 7p

April 7

  • The Crucifixion of our Lord

Easter Vigil


Service: 8-9:30p

April 8

  • The First Celebration of Easter



Services: 8a, 9:30a, 11:15a


Easter Breakfast: 8:30-10a

April 9

  • Services with Communion: 8a, 9:30a, 11:15a
    • If you want to avoid the largest crowds, consider attending worship at the 8a service.
  • Easter Breakfast served from 8:30-10a