…we are going to have an outdoor sunrise service!

I grew up doing these every year and I’ve wanted to find a way to have one in Omaha for the past five years!   This year feels like the perfect time to make it happen but don’t worry, it won’t be exactly at sunrise…more like 9:00 am!  I think it has the potential to be a truly inspiring time.  I have a city permit for 500 people so that’s the goal!

The location is fantastic, a large grassy area right north of Saddlebrook Elementary School and Community Center.  There is a large parking lot there, along with several acres of open space at the top of a hill and away from any roads.  Everyone can bring a lawn chair (and maybe one to share) and we will spread out and worship.  The weather could stop us of course, but we won’t know unless we try.

Being outside is not only the way the first Easter was experienced but as we continue to follow pandemic protocols,  it will also allow us to join in saying “Christ is Risen together!  We will share communion much like we did at Christmas. There will be active roles for young and old.  We will sing.  AND we will have donuts afterward!  There is even going to be an empty tomb the youth are constructing that might be the perfect spot for an “Easter family photo” to post online.   So start thinking about it today and look for more details to come.  Below is a broad outline of the Holy Week and Easter worship schedule but again, more info will be on the way.

Palm Sunday (You may pick up palms at church beginning Friday March 26th)

5:30 pm Saturday in person (signup as usual)

8:00 am Sunday in person (signup as usual)

10:00 am Livestream

Maundy Thursday

“Communion on the hour” 9-5 throughout the day.  Every hour, we will hold a short, 20 min communion service in the sanctuary to allow as many people as possible to share in the sacrament that day. No need to signup.  Simply come to the sanctuary.

7:00 pm. In- person worship for first communicants and families only. This will be live-streamed for everyone else.

Good Friday

9:00 am – 4:00 pm Self directed stations of the cross throughout the day. A guided experience will take place at 3:00 pm.

7:00 pm livestream only worship

Easter Vigil

Saturday @ 7:00 pm  in-person worship but intended for those who either can’t access services online or are unable to navigate the outdoor worship Easter morning.  Will contact these folks first then open the signup to others.  

Easter Day

9:00 am  Outdoor service at Saddlebrook elementary!  

11:00 am Easter Live stream