June 12/13: Paul as an Apostle

Galatians 1:11-2:10
Acts 9:1-15

Background: Lutheran Study Bible (Introduction to Galatians, paragraph 3)
[Paul] first provides a strong defense of his authority as an apostle sent directly by Jesus Christ and God (1:11-24; see also 1:1). Paul then gives a detailed account of how the leaders in Jerusalem accepted his mission to the non-Jews (Gentiles).


  1. What was the source of Paul’s knowledge about Jesus Christ?
  2. Think about the path of the Apostle Paul’s ministry. 
    1. Where did it start?
    2. What was his first trip away from Damascus?
    3. At what point did he first go to Jerusalem?
    4. What regions came next?
    5. When did he return to Jerusalem?
  3. How were the ministries of Peter and Paul different? 
  4. Paul made a strong case that the apostles who preceded him had very little influence on him. Why do you think it was important to Paul?

-Connie Doyle