Remember how awesome Easter worship was this spring?

If not, let me remind you that around 400 people grabbed a lawn chair and shouted “Christ is Risen” about a hundred times in God’s great outdoor sanctuary!  It was a morning I will not soon forget.

Fast forward to Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 10:00 am.

We will once again worship outdoors (weather permitting) at Saddlebrook Elementary school.  This time our feet (sadly) won’t be on the soil but on the northwest corner of the parking lot.  The “grassy” field is now home to some prickly weeds and it is much better for us to stay on the solid and level concrete. The joy will be just as intense and if a few people wish to stay in their cars, that’s OK too. We will worship as one big community!  Kids can have room to run plus participate in worship activities.  After worship, there will be a bounce house, games and a meal.  Think of it as a kind of modern twist on the old “church picnic” you may have read about or experienced in days gone by.  Bring a picnic lunch and share the experience of setting up little blanket meal with family and friends. Or there will be sandwiches, chips, and drinks available with some tables and chairs for those who don’t want to get down on the ground. If the weather doesn’t permit us to be outdoors, we will simply have worship at 8:15 and 10:45 am at Saint Michael with some activities in between time.

What to bring: 
  • Lawn chairs or blanket to sit on.
  • We will have coffee available but bring your own if you want.
  • Picnic lunch!  (we couldn’t get food trucks scheduled but we will have sandwiches if you don’t picnic)
  • Friends, neighbors, long lost relatives, strangers you meet during the week, co-workers, and grandkids!
  • Yourself!  This is an event for EVERYONE not only families.
  • Students and educators, we will have a special “Back to School Blessing”.  Bring backpacks or other school items for a sending blessing during worship.
  • Baptismal families of the past year and a half, bring your children and assorted family members as there will be a special time in the service where we give thanks for the gift of grace poured over your child in baptism.

Finally, here is a little video about the day and the location.  Saddlebrook Elementary is located at 14850 Laurel Ave, Omaha NE 68116.  We will be on the north side of the school in the giant parking lot.  See ya there!