I’ve always been a fan of team sports. Maybe that’s why I enjoy the Olympics so much. Even the individual events are the result of a group effort by coaches, trainers, family and friends.  The church is by definition a team event as well, with every member of the congregation a vital participant.  

Effective teams employ good team leaders, which is how I think of all the Saint Michael staff. Today I’m excited to share  additions to our staff that I believe will serve us well into the future.  

Jodi Colgan 2021.jpgJodi Colgan is being promoted from Office Assistant to Office Administrator although this position will have different responsibilities and time directives than it previously did.  Jodi brings many years of experience at SMLC as well as an abundance of organizational skill. She will be in the office 4 days a week and will assume many of the administrative tasks of the front office but several key areas have been shifted to other staff members.  It’s all part of an expanded “team approach” we feel is important both now and into the future. 

Kim Bultsma 2021.jpgKim Bultsma has been hired as our Communications Coordinator. Kim was selected from a pool of applicants and brings expertise and experience in  communications, web management and instruction. Kim previously held a smaller position at SMLC but now, along with coordinating social media and website communication, Kim will also be involved with printed communication and oversee our general communication strategy. In addition, Kim will cover the front desk one day a week so the office remains open Monday through Friday.  

An administrative assistant may also be added to cover front desk needs (answer phone calls, greet visitors) and help with bulletin printing and other tasks as activity picks up this fall.  If you or someone you know would like to volunteer a few hours each week, let me know and we can talk about what is involved.  

It’s a different model than having a single person who is the “go to” for everything. Some days one person will answer the phone and some days another will but we are all part of the same team!  Together I pray God will empower us to do the vital work of ministry, both among the congregation and out in the community as God has given us the ability.  

So join me in welcoming both Kim and Jodi to their new positions and pray for them as we continue running the race set before us,  trusting that God is with us every step of the way.