What God has joined together let no one separate.


Saint Michael has been blessed with a beautiful sanctuary but it is so much more than a “venue”. It is sacred space where people come to make promises before God, one another, and a whole community of family and friends. God created humanity for relationship and when we invite God’s love into our lives, those relationships are both expanded and strengthened.

The journey of two becoming one happens over a lifetime and we want to support you long after your wedding day. We hope this faith community will be a place to nourish your own faith and where you can share in God’s great work to bring healing, wholeness, and help to the world. 

Click the link above to make planning your church wedding at Saint Michael easier. This booklet is a combination of helpful advice and the official wedding policies established by the Saint Michael Lutheran Congregation. Included you will find a summary of information, which should answer most of your questions. If further explanation is needed, please feel free to give us a call (402-493-2871).


June 18, 2024

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