Who likes waiting?

Most of us would much rather be “doing”. We would rather be at the destination than on the journey. We would rather attain the goal than be in the process. In our culture of “doing and going”, #watchingandwaiting is time wasted…or so we are told. This Advent, let’s reclaim the sacredness of time spent watching and waiting—time not wasted but filled with holy encounters and the advent of God’s reign of hope, healing, and peace.

How to make more time for thinking about your thinking.

First, let’s rethink the moments when we are already watching and waiting; time in line at the store, in traffic, at a sporting event, sitting at home, at work. Instead of frustration and anxiety, reorientate that time to focus on others: pray for another driver, smile, wave, pray for the ambulance or firetruck speeding by, try to imagine the story of that person who is taking a bit longer to check out.  

Second, shift some of your time from “doing and going” to #watchingandwaiting. Change your morning routine so you can ponder the sunrise for a few minutes. Say a pray at every meal, even a silent prayer when you have that working lunch. Read a devotion or book.  Mediatate or pray. Take a walk. Come to worship.  

Then, for the fun: share with everyone using #watchingandwaiting.

We all love sharing on social media. So why not use that tool to help share the hope, peace, joy, and love the advent of the Christ child brings? Snap a picture and post it to social media about your reflections during this Advent season. What do you see bringing life to the moments when you are  #watichingandwaiting? Post a picture, make a comment, and let the Spirit take it from there. Pastor Tim and staff will be doing the same. 

What you can do:

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Share your moments of watching and waiting this Advent season to social media, tag us, and use the hashtags #watchingandwaiting and #advent2017.

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